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Student Spotlights

Elizabeth: Exercise Science

Elizabeth Paul worked alongside a great team of professionals at Alpine Spinal Rehab. She learned a lot about her beloved patients and that she LOVES getting spinal adjustments!

How was your internship experience overall?

I LOVED my internship opportunity! I definitely developed a relationship with the patients, seeing them 2-3 times a week will do that. When I had to go I almost cried saying bye to some patients.
I loved learning about spinal health. I loved the people I worked with who were all so kind. It was like a small community. I learned the importance of good posture and keeping your head from drooping forward. Essentially, I learned the importance of chiropractics-- It affects your whole life, your immune system, your pain management, etc.
My major taught me about the importance of the spine and its essential elements first and foremost. I also learned how to interpret and relay important health information in a professional manner.

Elizabeth Paul
Elizabeth Paul in internship uniform.
Elizabeth Paul 2
The interns learned how to adjust subluxations in the spine. Photographed: Wesley Lefler and Alex Dayton.