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Student Spotlights

Dominique: Graphic Design

Dominique Mossman worked with Doyle Partners, a small design firm based in New York. From working in a basement to exploring New York and seeing the signage she designed, learn more about her experience!

What did you do at the internship?

My experience at Doyle Partners was very eye opening. I was able to be mentored by Stephen Doyle as well as be surrounded by a high level of talent every day. One highlight I have of the internship is being able to visit a site where we designed the signage for. I went with our project manager Rosemarie, who showed me around NYC as well as proper etiquette when visiting a client, and what to look for while taking notes.

Another unique experience was designing a packaging label for Brooklyn Brewery. I was able to compete with the two other designers there, and my pattern got chosen. Each week I worked on a variety of projects, to up to 8. I was constantly working on different things, and I was able to see how a small design firm works. I was able to jump into projects that I didn’t see myself working on.

For example I did a few history plaques for iconic places in New York, from Pier 54 to Washington Square Park. My internship experience was unique. I worked every day in Stephen Doyle’s basement. This was different than a corporate job, very small and very close-knit group.

I was the only intern, and there were two designers. Stephen oversaw all projects, while Rosemarie and Staci helped with their own dividends of projects. It was cool to see how the dynamics of the workspace were. Everyone had their own personalities and the flow of the group worked perfectly. I was impressed with how things were handled when they were going downhill, as well as how fun everyone had every day. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity I had to intern here. I was spoiled and hope that I can return one day. Great working space, and great lessons taught by the people there. One thing I learned was to pay attention to every detail and not just the big picture.

What are your future plans?

Full-Time Employment

What was the most useful thing you learned?
How to pay proper detail to the work I was producing and how to communicate with co-workers.

What professional skills did you develop?

Communication, Presentation, Time management They taught me to use computer programs, as well as how to present my work in a way that made sense to the people I was working with. Through each project completed at Doyle Partners, I was able to see the why or hows of each project and the intentions of each one. I was integrated, as well as everyone else in the office over each project and the goals and the concepts of each one. I thought most of us were extremely successful at being on the same page and working together to complete, and reflect on each project as well.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

YES! It was so helpful and I learned a lot about how to work with professionals.

Dominique Mossman (center)