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Student Spotlights

Daniel: Computer Science

Daniel Friday Ekpo found an amazing internship opportunity while attending BYU's STEM Fair. He had the opportunity to be a software engineer intern at Motorola Solutions.

I was a software engineer intern. I helped develop and maintain applications for public safety on Motorola Solutions records and evidence public safety team. The internship was remote, so I worked with my team and supervisor remotely.
I hoped to develop my problem solving and teamwork skills as I work on assigned projects with teammates. I definitely had to communicate effectively, especially since the internship is going to be remote.
In the end, I didn't end up working on an existing product, but I worked with a team of other interns to build a chatbot to boost developers' productivity. The app was pushed to production.

Unexpectedly, I became significantly better at using Azure and automating provisioning and deploying software.

Due to COVID, my experience ended up being remote, but Motorola Solutions made it a great experience still.
On that note, I would recommend this internship to other students! My team and I had a lot of autonomy over our project. We were guided when needed, but for the most part, we made all the big decisions.

Daniel Friday Ekpo at his desk during this remote internship experience.