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Student Spotlights

Damon: Manufacturing Engineering

Damon Williams is a manufacturing engineering major who gained invaluable experience at Innovative FlexPak. Read more about his time helping the company through their growth period!

I had a great internship experience because I joined the company while they were growing so I have had the opportunity to help set up a lot of new production lines as well as design using CAD software remodels that we did to make our production lines more efficient and reduce variation in our product.

I think the most useful thing I learned was how to accept new challenges with and open mind and a willingness to learn. I have been given a lot of different tasks to accomplish during my internship and most I had never done before so I had to research how to do it or follow what my supervisor showed me and learn on the go.

I learned how to create professional reports and emails that I could present to my boss or use to document the work I had done and what still needed to be done to complete the task or improve the process. They helped me know what resources I could use to learn new things quickly. They also taught me a lot of useful skills that I was able to expand upon like using CAD software to design 3D models.

I would recommend this internship to other students. I feel like I have gotten to participate in a lot of projects that most interns wouldn't get to and I have gain an enormous amount of experience in the field that has better prepared me for future jobs I will have.

Damon Williams at his desk on site with Innovative Flexpak.
A machine Damon Williams helped to engineer for future manufacturing.