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Student Spotlights

Conner: Exercise Science

Conner Tippets got a glimpse into the world of surgery while interning at Utah Valley Hospital. It was fast-paced and seemed absolutely thrilling!

What was your internship experience?

As a surgical technologist, I was able to assist in the pre-operative, peri-operative, and post-operative management of surgical procedures/maladies.
I assisted in a wide variety of cases from the strong-armed orthopedic total joint replacements to the fine motor skills involved with removing spinal cord tumors. The variety of surgeries performed at this hospital gave me invaluable insights into what specialties interest me the most and how to offer the best patient experience in healthcare. I loved being able to see my work directly affect the patient’s outcome.

How did your courses help prepare you for this experience?

I feel like my major helped me stand out as an intern because I had taken anatomy and other health-related classes that helped me understand patient care in a better light. Along with becoming a better communicator, I feel like I have become more efficient with my use of time. The pace of surgery is fast and it forces the surgical technologist to think and process faster than normal!

Conner Tippets
The surgical team at Utah Valley Hospital. Conner Tippets is sitting on the ground, bottom right of the image, wearing his famous blue shoes.