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Student Spotlights

Claire: MedLab

Claire Snyder had a fun hands-on internship as she worked with various animals and reptiles n the Fernbank Museum. Scroll down to see photos of Prince Charming and Nefertiti!

What was your internship experience?

My job was to assist with the animal care in the museum. There are several resident animals used for educational purposes, and I helped with the basic animal care each day. This included record keeping, feedings, and cleanings. I learned how to properly handle each specific animal, which was a variety of reptiles, their specific diet, temperatures, etc. I also planned and performed my own animal shows for the guests of the museum.

What were some things you learned?

I learned a lot of proper animal care and information about each animal. I also learned a lot of tips that helped with the public speaking I had to do for the animal encounters, which were held in an auditorium.
I did a lot of record keeping, both written and digital, as well as keeping updated on supplies and when things would need to be replenished. I also picked up skills on interacting with guests of all ages, since the animal encounters are catered to children.
Some courses I’ve taken have helped me understand and remember facts for different animals, and one course has helped me with the handling of the animals. As part of my internship, I was asked to create school and public programs for the animal encounters. I had to use the standards of excellence to make appropriate school encounters, and have themes for the public ones. I created my own, got feedback from others, and then performed the encounter for the public, and received more feedback, so I was able to adapt and improve my programs.

Would you recommend this internship?

Yes I would recommend this internship. It was a very enjoyable internship. I specifically want to work with animals in the future, and this opportunity helped me learn a lot. I was able to learn about animal care in a basic sense, and even some medical cases.

Claire Snyder
Prince Charming the Leopard Gecko needs a drop of Tums everyday, for medical reasons.
Claire Snyder 2
Handling of Nefertiti, the Uromastyx.