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Student Spotlights

Chase: Cybersecurity

Chase Abel interned at CES Security Operations Center where he put the concepts that were taught in his classes to use in a real company. Despite being an intern, he was trusted with a lot of responsibility and felt invaluable to the company.

My internship has allowed me to apply the concepts that I have learned in class to the real world. There are certain concepts that are taught in class that can only be appreciated and applied in a “professional” environment. My internship taught me the importance of working on a team, meeting strict deadlines, and helping a company make money.

As an intern I was trusted with important opportunities that made me feel like I was part of the big picture. I became interested in not only my own success, but in the success of the company as well. The most important lesson that I was taught from my internship is that you never stop learning. People that have worked in my field for decades are still learning how to better fulfill their responsibilities.

It is inspiring to see that I will continue to develop my potential the longer that I stick with my position.They gave me a basic understanding of what was to be expected in the work force. I was taught breadth, but the internship taught me depth.I learned how to communicate, write, work in a team, and meet deadlines.

Chase Abel