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Student Spotlights

Brock: Engineering

Brock Johnson worked for Daikin North America, a company that manufactures HVAC units. As an engineer, his team was responsible for one small part of the finished product. While it may be small, it is crucial!

What was your internship experience?

I worked in production engineering for a company that manufactures HVAC units from start to finish. My team was responsible for the copper tubing area which holds the coolant in the final product. I was tasked to update the tooling information so that the routings would be much more accurate and efficient. I gathered the information necessary and extrapolated data to analyze what we could eliminate, what was obsolete and which tools should be standardized for the parts being made. As a result, I figured out we could reduce 50% of the tooling on hand and establish standards to follow each process of copper tubing.

What was the most useful thing you learned from this experience?

The most useful thing I learned was how to communicate clearly with everyone. There were people who couldn’t speak my language and that was difficult to maneuver. But in emails, conversations, etc, communication is absolutely vital to working effectively.

I learned how to extrapolate and manipulate data to help show the necessary changes suggested, how to communicate with different levels of leadership, how to build and foster a relationship of trust, how to make a mistake and learn from it and how to work in the real world. My courses prepared me for the internship by providing theoretical understandings of how a warehouse functions, how the necessary tooling works within tolerances, and a hands on introduction to what working in the industry is like.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

I would recommend this internship to other students because it was a very hands on learning experience to working in the real world and it was challenging yet exciting to apply my schooling to make a difference in a company.

Brock Johnson presenting his internship experience.
Brock Johnson in front of the Daikin North America site where he interned.