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Student Spotlights

Brianna: Human Development

Brianna Beus interned at Lakeridge Junior High School and absolutely loved her time there. She helped students set goals and showed each of them love that was unique to their needs.

My internship at Lakeridge Jr. High was a wonderful experience.
I had the opportunity to help students set both academic goals and life goals. We worked with students as they dealt with challenges in their academic, social, or family life and helped them to use different skills to work to overcome their challenges. We met with students one on one and encouraged them to continue to press forward, even if things were difficult or were not going their way.

The most useful thing that I learned at this internship was that every kid is different and needs to be treated differently. Of course, they are all held to the same school rules and need to be held accountable for their actions, but different things work for different students. Some kids just need someone to listen to their problems and provide encouragement, and some kids need someone to be very blunt and to the point. It was awesome to see the difference on students and the wide variety of things that could help them.

I was taking an Adolescent Development class at the same time that I had this internship, so that helped to better understand the adolescent kids that I was working with. I also took a Helping Relationships course a couple semesters prior to my internship and that helped me to assist the students in identifying healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to build a good relationship. I learned how to meet with students and parents one on one and be a representative for a school. I also learned more about setting appointments and logging information.

Brianna Beus and other interns worked with a student to participate in school the Christmas door decorating contest.