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Student Spotlights

Benjamin: Software Development

Benjamin Jenks had the opportunity during Spring 2020 to be a software development intern at Restaurant365. Read how he learned skills that are crucial to today's climate.

I found this internship while attending BYU’s Meet the Firms Event.
I was a software development intern working at Restaurant365. Restaurant365 is a software made to help restaurants manage their accounting and operations. I worked on building a customer login tool used by the customer success team.

The internship was managed digitally through the use of email, Zoom meetings and Microsoft Teams communication. Daily "Stand Up" meetings helped through Zoom in addition to other digital coordination.
I expected to learn and develop my skills in working in a professional environment and all that goes along with that. Being able to communicate to co-workers and provide utility to the company will be focuses throughout the experience. I also planned to increase my technical skills and implement them in a real world situation.

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I unexpectedly learned the use of different technologies and ways to work remotely effectively. This is a crucial skill in today’s climate.
How was your experience interrupted due to COVID-19?
Due to COVID, I was moved departments, almost lost my internship, my pay was unfortunately reduced by half, and I began to work remotely which meant I no longer needed their housing arrangement. Thankfully I was able to keep my position and continue through the pandemic.

I would recommend working for Restaurant365 to people trying to get some experience, but my encounters with HR and recruiting weren’t the best. I’m sure this had to do with COVID and everyone dealing with unexpected situations.

Benjamin Janks smiling.