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Student Spotlights

Avery: Industrial Design

Avery Meanea interned at Sprout Kids as an Industrial Design Intern during Spring 2021. Here is what she says about her experience.

How would you describe your internship?

My experience met my expectations, and I would almost say that it exceeded my expectations because I haven't been given much busy work, and I've actually been able to help the company. However, the tasks that I am completing are exactly what I was expecting to do. 

What did you unexpectedly learn? 

I didn't expect to learn how a specific company works. It's been really useful to realize that each company will have its own design process, and that I should be prepared to adjust accordingly and provide as much helpful insight as possible. 

How have your future plans changed? 

I was originally planning to continue working with Sprout after I completed my internship, and my desire to stay increased after I got to know the people and the job better. 

Would you recommend this internship?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it because it prepares you to learn the skills of adjusting to a new company, meeting expectations, developing design processes/thought, and developing technical skills. I loved working with Sprout. The people here are all professional and fun to work with, and I feel like I am a valued member of a team. I know that my concerns will be addressed if I voice them, and I feel that my opinions are heard and valued. 

Professional photo of Avery Meanea
I was able to help prototype a new wall anchor for Sprout's full-backed products to help protect children and provide parents peace of mind. It was fun knowing that the work that I was doing would be used and produced along with actual products.