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Student Spotlights

Austin: Global Supply Chain

Austin Lahue worked with BYU to develop his skills in the global supply chain management industry. Click here to read more!

What was your internship experience like?

During my internship, I assisted the BYU in the hiring of new employees, updating time sheets, training new employees, and general office work such as answering phone calls and emails, and updating the meeting calendar for supervisors.

What was the most useful thing you learned?

The most useful skill I learned was how to effectively communicate via email using appropriate language and professionalism. This skill led to increased keyboard typing speed as well.

The general business classes I enrolled in helped me to understand the positions of various supervisors at the BYU Store. This includes the accounting and marketing departments. The knowledge gained prepared me to assist supervisors in hiring employees for specific positions within the company.

Grammar, syntax, and professionalism via email, confidence in speaking over the phone, increased typing speed, and the ability to maintain multiple tasks under pressure.

I would recommend it a student is interested in pursuing the field of Human Resources. By completed this internship I learned that it is not the career for me, however I would still recommend the experience for those who are interested. My supervisor, Joe Merrill, is a kind gentleman and a real pleasure to work with!

Austin Lahue
Austin Lahue assisted BYU in hiring and training new employees.
Austin Lahue 2
Austin Lahue with one of his supporters.