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Student Spotlights

Ashley: Communication Disorders

Ashley Moody took advantage of what BYU has to offer when she found an internship working with BYU's Speech and Language Clinic.

What was your internship experience?

I participated in an internship program offered through BYU's masters of speech pathology program. I was a student speech pathology clinician, working under clinically certified supervisors to treat various speech and language disorders in child and adult populations. I specifically had the opportunity to work with an adult recovering from a stroke, a child with language delays and a speech sound disorder, and a young teen with autism spectrum disorder.
I met with each individual twice a week for 50-minute sessions, working to improve their communication. It was so exciting and I learned so much! I loved forming relationships with my clients and the supervisors that were involved in each each. It was an invaluable learning opportunity that has helped prepare me to work as a speech language pathologist.

What did you learn during this experience?

I think the most useful thing I learned here was how to interact with clients, how to work in a professional setting and how to really focus in on each individual's deficits to help them achieve improved communication. I also learned how valuable mentorship can be throughout this process of learning how to be a speech and language clinician.

How did BYU courses prepare you for this experience?

I had courses on autism spectrum disorder, language disorder and other disorders that were related to my clients that were very helpful. I also had a course on diagnostics and assessment that was incredibly useful when I had a child client that I was asked to assess and diagnose. I developed improved interpersonal communication abilities in addition to higher clinical competence and knowledge throughout this internship. I developed skills in assessment and treatment of various language and speech disorders across the life-span.

Ashley Moody
Ashley Moody smiling for her professional headshot.