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Student Spotlights

Ashlan Gruwell: Political Science

Ashlan interned as a reporter for Broadband Breakfast Media during Winter Semester 2022.

Part of my internship involved me working on the Capitol, which was an amazing experience.

Describe a day in your life as an intern.

Our days started with an 8:30 team Zoom meeting, after which I would tee up what we called a MailChimp blast, which had all our latest stories and would be sent out to subscribers. Most days I would then have some type of event to attend, in-person or online. I would then write an article on the event and send it in for edits. Depending on the story, the editing process would include some back and forth and clarification before it was posted. Some days included attend conferences or Congressional hearings.

What industry/job specific skills did you learn?

I was able to improve my note-taking, writing, research, and communication skills. I also had the opportunity to work in a professional environment and learn more about team dynamics.

What are three things that you learned from this experience that could be applied to other settings?

As I mentioned, I learned note-taking skills that I will be able to use in my schoolwork as I attended fast-paced events and panels. I also learned communication skills that will help me in future jobs as I worked with a larger team. Lastly, I learned how to manage my time so that I could write articles in a timely manner and fit in other responsibilities.

What was your favorite part of your internship?

Being able to attend events and become familiar with D.C. was my favorite part of my internship.

How did this experience affect your future goals?

It did not necessarily change any of my future goals, but it did help to solidify my desire to live D.C. as I experienced the city and attended various gatherings.

How did you get your internship?

I was made aware of it by Lisa Peck, the Washington Seminar director, then I applied, had an interview, and was offered the job.

How did this experience contribute to your growth?

It helped me in all three of those areas. I was able to improve my writing skills by using them in an environment outside of academics. I was able to grow personally and professionally thanks to my coworkers and their advice.

This is part of our team at Broadband Breakfast Media at a monthly lunch event we hold in D.C.. Starting on the left, we have Drew Clark, our editor and publisher, Megan Boswell, a fellow intern, myself, T.J. York, a full-time reporter, and Benjamin Kahn, also a full time reporter. This particular event was also sponsored by Broadband.Money