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Student Spotlights

Alyssa: Accounting

Alyssa Smith had the opportunity to intern at Tanner Tax. She really put her number-crunching skills to work!

What was your internship like?

For my internship I was a tax intern. I prepared many different types of returns including C-corps, S-corps, partnerships, and individuals. I also was able to help with various other projects. It was an awesome experience. Tanner is such an amazing company! My group of interns were able to advance fairly quickly, which was fun because we got to work on harder returns, learn A TON, and feel like we were really benefiting the team with our work. We were treated just like any other staff member.

What was the most useful thing you learned?

Im gonna talk about two of the most useful things that I learned. One is problem-solving. In the beginning of my internship I asked my buddy lots of questions which helped me to learn quickly. After some time I was able to start to figure out the issues on my own which was a very satisfying feeling and very helpful in the workforce!
The other important thing I learned is how important it is to connect with and build relationships with those you work with.

What skills did you acquire?

I definitely learned a lot about professionalism. This includes things like being on time, working effectively, and interacting with coworkers. In my job it was very much a self-discipline type job. No one was watching me at all hours of the day to make sure I was getting my work done. I needed to be proactive and self-motivated. Even though I only had one tax class before this internship it was very helpful in giving me a basic understanding of some of the tax concepts and regulations. It was cool being able to apply these things that I learned in real life.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

YES!!! The people at Tanner are amazing. Even though I was an “intern” I still felt like part of the team and that I was contributing to the bigger picture instead just doing menial tasks. I would 100% recommend this internship to anyone.

alyssa smith.jpeg
Alyssa Smith smiling at her desk while working for Tanner Tax.