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Student Spotlights

Allen: MMBio

During Allen Weinert's internship at the BIOMedRap Program, he learned how to be a better scientist by being a better person. His inspiring outlook on what it means to achieve a successful career can be found here!

What was your internship experience?

The BIOMedRap program cares not just about our academic performance and our research capabilities. It also cares about who we are as people and is looking to bring people together to solve big problems. I leaned a lot more about how to do that through classes and lectures and in my research lab where I was able to get results from my experiments. These results were then printed on a poster that I could present at the closing poster symposium.

What was the most useful thing you learned from this experience?

The most useful think I learned was how to critically read research papers and understand where their science is lacking.
I learned communication, critical thinking, and tenacity. I did not take courses that specifically prepared me for this internship other than general science classes so I had the information I needed to understand the science of the internship. During this internship I wanted to become a better scientist and this intention was quickly reshaped as I learned that good scientists are also people who focus on being a good person. I then integrated this into my goals for the summer and would review who I was as a person after ethics classes and the like. From this I could reflect on how I was progressing and continually strived to be better throughout the summer.

allen weinert (2).jpeg
Allen Weinert exploring the Missouri botanical gardens during some rare time off.

Allen Weinert
Allen Weinert standing in front of his research presentation.