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Student Spotlights

Sarah: Public Relations

Sarah interned with Five Degrees Design as the Marketing and Social Media Manager during Spring 2021. Here is what Sarah has to say about this experience:

I cruised through the initial projects faster than either my boss or I had expected. So, I turned my attention to running the company's social media profiles and creating more marketing opportunities for the company. I've created banners for job sites, brochures for potential clients, and track the analytics for the website and social media sites.

How have your future plans changed?

I have a small background in architecture which gave me a great base understanding of the company's procedures and jargon. This niche knowledge and my skills as a communications professional lead me to believe that this industry is the one I will continue to work in.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

The company culture and employees are fantastic, but I would not recommend this internship to other students unless they have a background and genuine interest in architecture.

Creative hiring post by Sarah Buckner