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Student Spotlights

Riley: Communication Disorders

Riley completed an internship at Covington Senior Living as an Intern for Memory Care during the Winter 2022 semester. Here is what she has to say:

I ADORE the residents at Covington and I learned so much from them! I was able to play games with them, learn their stories through cute memory books their family members put together, and be humbled by their lives. It far exceeded what I thought I'd be doing - in all the best ways!

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I wasn't expecting to learn about how interconnected roles are at a nursing home. It opened my eyes to working in a nursing home as an SLP when I'm out of graduate school, which is something I had never wanted to do before.

How have your future plans changed?

I have become so humbled by my experience at Covington. Too often in today's society, the elderly are neglected socially and stigmatized. However, they are people we can learn so much from! They are not identified by their disease or diagnosis. They are brothers, sisters, friends, and children of God! Being with them at the end of their lives as mine is just beginning is a humbling and holy experience. These individuals deserve love and I intend to give them just that!

Would you recommend this internship to others?

100% YES. It's a wonderful way to both broaden your perspective of the population you want to work with in the future and a humbling experience getting to help and learn from these elderly people!

Riley with one of her favorite residents.