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Student Spotlights

Melissa: Experience Design & Management

Melissa completed an internship with Utah Motorsports Campus as an Event Coordinator during Spring 2021. Here is what she has to say about her experiences:

Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) is a huge venue. It even has more acreage than Disneyland! I have worked on a events ranging from 10 people to 12,000 people in all different capacities.

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I have learned how to solve problems on a grand scale. I am used to solving little problems that isn't important to fix immediately or even at all, but I have been faced with major problems that need my full attention.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

I would definitely recommend this internship to other students looking at event or venue management. This is one of the largest event venues in Utah. And it is not only racecar events either - we do events from corporate trainings to Night Lights Lantern Fest.

I am extremely grateful for this internship and all the amazing skills I have taken away from it. I have loved incorporating what I have been learning in my EXDM classes into the workplace and seeing the smiles that come from people experiencing something that I put together.

Melissa at the Night Lights Lantern Fest