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Student Spotlights

Madeline: Family History and Genealogy

Madeline interned with FamilySearch as a CGO Office Intern during Spring 2021. Here is what Madeline has to say about her experience:

I feel that my experience at FamilySearch has been very short of what my expectations were because of the lack of assignments, communication, and training from the CGO office. I often prepared for meetings that were cancelled without any notice and prepared for presentations which never happened.

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I learned that working with FamilySearch is not for me. I thought I would really enjoy it and gain a lot of experience and love the people I worked with, but I am leaving frustrated and feeling like my time was greatly wasted.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

No, I would not. The CGO office really seems too busy to have an intern. Unless they set up a better program for their interns and give them more assignments and get their work accounts set up at the beginning of their internship, having another intern work with them would not be beneficial for the student.

Madeline Carter working from home