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Student Spotlights

Jonah: Biodiversity & Conservation

Jonah completed an internship with the American Museum of Natural History during Summer 2021. Here is what Jonah has to say about his experience:

Because the internship was completed remotely, and because there was some confusion about when I could start the internship, I started later than all of the other interns and I felt extremely redundant and "outside". The other interns and the museum personnel were kind to me, I just felt like I did not and could not contribute meaningfully to the project.

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I learned how to use the 3D Slicer digital tool to digitally deconstruct objects.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

I might recommend if it were held in person. However, if it were to remain remote, I would caution against it unless the applicant's passion for dragonflies is substantial.

This is a plot of habitat suitability for Pantala hymenaea, or the spot-winged glider, a migratory dragonfly that is common throughout the Americas. I constructed this plot as an exercise in using R Studio. The red points represent actual recorded observations of the dragonfly, and the colors represent the predicted habitat suitability, yellow being highly suitable and blue being unsuitable.