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Student Spotlights

Janetta: Landscape Management

Janetta interned with Ruppert Landscape as a Field and Area Manager during Spring 2021. Here is what Janetta has to say about this experience:

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I learned perspective. I worked with people who were very different from me who worked in a different geographic location than what I was used to. I gained a better, broader perspective which increased my respect for others and increased my ability to learn from them as well.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

I would definitely recommend this internship to other students, even if they aren't majoring in Landscape Management! This internship helped me apply what I've been learning in the classroom and gave me real-world exposure to this field. I felt needed and included as part of a team - even as an intern!

How have your future plans changed?

My internship experience made me realize that I have more value and more to offer than I realized. I'm still uncertain about my future plans but I know I can confidently move forward.

Janetta when she was promoted to Area Manager and moved from field to office work