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Student Spotlights

Eliza: Family Life

Eliza completed an internship at ACAFS - The Family Academy as a supervisor during the Winter 2021 semester. Here is what she has to say about her experiences:

How did you find your internship?

I found my internship on Handshake and I've been working at ACAFS for 5 months prior to my internship. As more experienced supervisors left during the winter, I gained more experience and was given more challenging cases.

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I learned a lot about the legal system by learning details of various cases. I am pursuing more internships in the legal world as a result of this internship.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

I would definitely recommend this internship. The hands-on experience here is invaluable to not only your resume, but to your own personal and professional growth and development.