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Student Spotlights

Andrea: Environmental Science

Andrea completed an internship with Bridging the Gap, KC Wildlands Program as a Field Tech Intern during Summer 2021. Here is what Andrea has to say about her experience:

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I learned so much about prairie plant identification and conservation, and I had many interactions with public land managers that helped me learn professionalism. I also learned how to clean and process seeds for environmental dispersal. I would love to return to the Midwest after graduation to continue work with native plan restoration.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

Yes, the organization is very accommodating and excited to help you learn. Before this internship, I could barely name any plants but I still found them to be very interesting. Now, I can go out to the prairie and point out several species. My appreciation for the outdoors has definitely increased!

A morning when I sprayed invasive sericea lespedeza in a prairie in Kansas City, Missouri
Another intern, Alexa (left), and I (right) scouting for native plants that would need to be collected later in the season.