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Student Spotlights

Allison: Journalism

Allison completed an internship with the BYU College of Life Sciences as a Communications Assistant during Spring 2021. Here is what Allison has to say about this experience:

I ended up taking on a position as a communications assistant in addition to my writing position. I now do all those things while organizing a Lifestyle segment on the website, editing other written pieces, and organizing other types of communication for the college.

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I was not expecting to learn new programs like Brightspot and Mailchimp in my job. I also did not expect to learn many detailed writing and editing skills. I have realized that my internship is more like the type of career I want rather than a traditional newspaper job. I would love to do communications for a company, including things like copywriting or public relations work.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

I absolutely would recommend this internship! It is a great opportunity to increase your communications skills and work with other people. The College of Life Sciences has a great communications supervisor and puts a lot of effort into their media publications. Plus seeing your name and your work in print never gets old!

Allison and her College of Life Sciences shirt!