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Student Spotlights

Adriana: IP&T

Adriana completed an internship with BYU-Pathway as an Intern for the Training Development Manager during Spring 2021. Here is what Adriana has to say about this experience:

I got the opportunity to meet with the missionaries and observe their gatherings. I talked to students and was able to carry out a needs assessment at the beginning of my internship. I was later in charge of the whole project of creating material for EC3 Missionaries Ongoing Training. I had periodic meetings with the EC3 Manager and decided what topics to include in the Missionary Guide. I wrote all of the content, including video scripts for training videos.

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I got the chance to use Camtasia and design some training videos, I also became familiar with the management tool Monday.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

Definitely! It is a great opportunity to apply what we learn in program evaluation, instructional design, research, etc.

I am just very grateful that I got the opportunity to work in this project and create material that can help missionaries around the world. It was particularly meaningful for me because I created some of the content for EC3 while I was doing my bachelor's at BYU-I. Now I had the chance to see the final product and create training to help missionaries better serve EC3 students around the world.

A screenshot of one of the pages Adriana Alba created for the EC3 Missionary Guide