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Student Spotlights

Preston: History

Preston completed an internship at the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies as a Project Intern during the 2021 Winter semester. Here is how his internship went:

I found this internship through the BYU History Department Internship Coordinator. I got to write about a dozen micro-histories, and Professor Rensink worked closely with me to polish and refine these pieces to be the best they could be, both for historical rigor and public-facing readability.

What did you unexpectedly learn?

I learned the nature of historical media rights and courtesies. In order to use historical media (manuscripts, newspaper clippings, photographs, etc.) as part of the Intermountain History articles, I had to learn the ropes of those digital media rights and courtesies. I learned about gaining permission from archives to use their media, sometimes even as a courtesy when media seemed like it ought to be public domain. Since I hope to continue in public history as a profession - and may yet need to engage with historical media for undergraduate and graduate research assignments - this was valuable learning.

Would you recommend this internship to others?

I would absolutely recommend this internship to other students. Dr. Rensink is a magnificent mentor, and the opportunity to be published as an undergraduate student is almost one of a kind. The skills I gained and honed in this internship are continuing to bless me.

Preston Hunter