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Student Spotlights

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Health and Human Performance Practicum Student Teaching
Hallie completed a Practicum in Developmentally Appropriate Practices by taking SFL 222.
Maren completed a Practicum in Secondary Education by taking ENGL 378.
Carson practiced practicum by taking SFL 403R.
Kaitlin completed a K-2 Practicum Seminar by taking EL ED 330.
Amanda completed an experience in Pre-Student Teaching by taking MUSIC 378.
Kyle Svenson participated in practicum by doing research with Dr. Busby in SFL 403R.
Sarah Bailey participated in practicum for teaching elementary education in EL ED 330.
Read about Erika's Practicum experience interning with Utah's State Prison.
Sarah participated in practicum for nursing at the University of Utah in NURS 352.
Taylor participated in practicum by working as an athletic trainer at a high school in PETE 377.