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Student Spotlights

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Health and Human Performance McKay School of Education Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Brianna Beus interned at Lakeridge Junior High School and absolutely loved her time there. She helped students set goals and showed each of them love that was unique to their needs.
Mari Feller is a 66-year old General Studies major who interned at the Tacoma Family History Center in Washington state. From preserving families' life work to photographing hundreds of old graves, Mari really made a difference for families all over the world.
Kristen Leavitt interned at Provo High School as the head freshman girls' basketball coach. She celebrated the ups and downs with these girls. Read more about her experience here!
Kimberly Crowther is part of BYU's Educational Leadership and Foundations program (EdLF). She interned as an administrator at Lehi High School. Read about her experience here!
Courtney Jenkins is a hero in the classroom. She teaches 5th grade students English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science in the Nebo School District. Read more about her gratitude for this difficult--but fulfilling-- experience.
McKaylee Michaelson had the opportunity to be a first grade teacher to 28 students in the Alpine School District. She learned that each child learns differently and that not every day has to be perfect. Read more about her time in the classroom here!
Gretchen Ormsby interned with Mountain View High School's girls basketball team. If this photo doesn't say "success" then I don't know what does!
Isabella Favero played a crucial part in changing lives at the Provo Adult Education center. Check out her awesome students and her story here!
Alison Dian Jepsen was an intern on the underwriting team at MotivHealth. Learn more about the unexpected skills that she developed.
Rebekah Prince shared a little piece of her heart when she wrote about her time as a teaching intern. Check out her story here with the Wasatch County School District!