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Student Spotlights

Shane: Accounting

Is your LinkedIn profile up to date? It can lead to an opportunity like when ObservePoint reached out to Shane Ball to intern with their company.

What was your internship experience?

My internship opportunity was really a luck of the draw. I was contacted via my LinkedIn account for the internship. I am grateful that the accounting junior core asked each student to make a LinkedIn account and keep it updated because it was because of LinkedIn that I had an interview.
I LOVED my internship. It was the first time experiencing accounting in the real world and I learned certain things about what type of accounting I enjoy. I also experienced an awesome start-up/technology culture that I have never experienced before. Most opportunities that BYU offers for accountants is public accounting (i.e. EY, PWC, KPMG, etc.) and I heard that many of them are very time consuming by making interns work 40+ hours a week. My internship at ObservePoint showed me that I can have a great work-life balance where I work regular hours every week and then have the ability to focus on my wife and hobbies after hours.
Another great thing at ObservePoint is the ability to ask questions to more knowledgable people. My managers have helped me learn new things that I wasn't taught at school, which is very valuable to know as I continue my career. I have also enjoyed talking to other employees outside my department because I get to learn what they do for the company and see how we can both work better together between departments.

What did you learn from this experience?

I learned that as much as I enjoy accounting I also enjoy other jobs (i.e. marketing, development, sales, etc). I plan on going back to school to get a MBA and try another career after working an accounting job for a few years.
I would recommend this internship if they have additional internship openings! Love the culture of the company! ObservePoint is a great place where you can experience a growing company and see how you can add value to a start-up. Most larger and established companies have their own set of ways that they do things, but ObservePoint continues to try new processes and because of that I have been able to add value to the company even with my minor experience.

Photo of parking lot, trees, and mountains.
Shane Ball's view from his office window at ObservePoint.
Shane Bell

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