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Student Spotlights

Savanna Bagley: Communications

Savanna participated in practicum taking COMMS 497R.

What type of projects did you work on as part of your Experiential Learning course?

This was a mentored research course. I worked with a professor in the communications department on research projects he was in the early phases of developing.

What day to day tasks were part of this experience?

As a research assistant, I helped shape the direction two different publications were going through my research efforts since the books were in early stages of development. I condensed main arguments down and found evidence for our own research claims.

What did you learn unexpectedly?

I didn't anticipate learning so much about the academic publishing world. Research can be in the works for years. Beforehand I would read research articles for homework but not think about the hours, weeks, even years of work that got poured into that research publication. It opened my eyes to the world of academia.

How has this experience influenced your career goals?

This experience was pivotal in my decision to apply to graduate school and pursue academics.

What types of new opportunities are now available because of the experience?

Thanks to this mentored research experience, I made it into grad school and now get paid as an official research assistant to the same professor who mentored me as an undergraduate.