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Student Spotlights

Sarah Allsup: Nursing

Sarah participated in practicum for nursing at the University of Utah in NURS 352.

What type of projects did you work on as part of your experiential learning course?

I was a clinical student at the University of Utah hospital! I got to work with great nurses and staff there to provide care to patients in the most critical care units.

What day to day tasks were part of this experience?

I learned to assess real patients, communicate with them and their family about difficult diagnoses or concerns they had about healthcare, place catheters and IVs and draw labs and work with ventilators. I also learned about and administered all different kids of medication.

What did you learn unexpectedly?

I learned there is a lot of critical thinking that goes into nursing! It isn't a matter of knowing facts from a textbook but rather taking what you know and applying it to a real life person who may have some uncommon symptoms and complications that you need to figure out how to help.

How was this experience influenced your career goals?

It has led me to a lot of great paths! I have a big desire to go to graduate school now, and I've been able to see situations I would want to work and not work as a nurse and NP!

What types of new opportunities are now available because of the experience?

I just got hired as a nurse apprentice and new grad at Timpanogos Hospital! I think my great clinical experiences through the program had a huge part in helping me get that opportunity.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I think EVERY program on BYU campus needs an opportunity to consistently be out in the work force learning from professionals throughout the whole program!!

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