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  • Projects are a step that is needed in order to graduate, some majors require it. These projects can be anything from helping a museum hang pictures to uncovering dinosaur bones. To learn more about the projects we offer you can read more here.

  • Projects prepare students for their future careers. Students can also learn things they might not have learned through an internship or practicum. Completing a project benefits the student, as well as whoever they did the company for

  • Students who are interested in a certain field, a major advisor should also be able to talk to students generally about how projects are managed in their department and/or specifically any they might be aware of. Students could also talk to faculty members (identified through the course list) who may be doing projects in their courses, or as part of their faculty responsibilities outside of specific courses.

  • To complete a project students will need to register for the project class. Upon completion of that class they will receive credit.

  • Read more about students wand their experience with projects here.