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  • A relative of the internship, this form of experiential learning usually is a course or student exercise involving practical experience in a work setting (whether paid or unpaid) as well as theoretical study, including supervised experience as part of professional pre-service education. This could be something like coursework for the major or observing in the field.

  • These experiences are generally required in teaching/professional social science disciplines. Students will be immersed in their future career program and will prepare them for the future.

  • Practicum experiences are provided through departments/specific majors. Some majors require students to do an internship OR complete a practicum. Students should contact their major advisor for more information. You can also visit our course website!

  • Practicum is a class at BYU, so you will receive credit!

  • The majors that require practicum: Family life & Consumer Sciences Education, History Teaching, Psychology, Dance Education K-12, Music Education, Music Performance: String, Technology & Engineering Studies: Teaching, Language Teaching, English Teaching, Biological Science Education, Teacher Education, Nursing, Mathematics Education.
  • Learn more about student experiences with practicum here!