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Partnering Process & Experiential Learning Sponsor Agreements

We look forward to assisting faculty members in navigating the partnering process with project sponsors. If your faculty-led student project will not receive government funding, or involve research on animals, humans, bio-hazardous chemicals or lasers we look forward to providing Experiential Learning Sponsor Agreements and non-disclosure agreements (if required) and introducing faculty to campus offices (when required.) Please review the partnering process workflow below to learn of the varied campus offices involved in partnering and the criteria for coordinating with them.

For questions contact Adrienne Chamberlain at

Partnering Coordinating Offices (when applicable)

Research Administration Office

For projects that involve: student research from a government sponsor, or research involving human or animal subjects, lasers, and bio hazardous material, faculty will coordinate with the Research Administration Office (RAO) for approval.

Intellectual Property Services

When the sponsored project results in a BYU employee or student invention, a BYU trademark, or a video/music/textbook or other creative work, Intellectual Property Services will assist with securing appropriate licensing, patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc.

Grants and Contracts Accounting

Grants and Contracts Accounting manages the funding, account creation, and reporting for projects approved by the Research Administration Office.

Off-campus Receivables

When funding is not donated, faculty will work with Off-campus Receivables to coordinate payments.

BYU Scholarships

When project funding will be used for student scholarships, stipends, tuition, or grants, the department submits a tuition request to BYU Scholarships to coordinate payments.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Philanthropies

When the partner is donating funding to support a project, without an expected deliverable or contract, the funding is facilitated through Philanthropies.
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