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  • Gain real-world experience while receiving academic credit by participating in an on-campus internship. These opportunities supply a space to practice the skills you are learning in the classroom and provide great opportunities for networking with professionals in your industry.

    You can learn more about about what an on-campus internship is here.
  • The on-campus internship provides a real career-oriented experiences for students to assist in defining career goals, deepening and enhancing classroom learning, and increasing student attractiveness to recruiting companies.
  • The first step is to contact your internship coordinator. You will find who your internship coordinator by looking under the department of your declared major/minor.

    Your internship coordinator will have ideas for you and can answer any questions you may have. You can also look at your department and major website, some may have opportunities there. You may also talk to your academic advisor to see what other options are available.
  • You can receive credit for an on-campus internship! You can talk to your internship coordinator to work out how many credits your project should be valued.
  • BYU provides a safe environment, support, and assistance.
  • Learn about Faheem and his on-campus internship during COVID here!
  • College of Humanities: HCOLL 494R
    Marriott School of Business - MSB 199R, MSB 491R, MSB 492R, MSB 494R, MSB 495R, MSB 496R