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  • Model United Nations (MUN) is a class offered at BYU that teaches basic principles of diplomacy through lectures, assignments, and realistic simulations of international multilateral negotiations.

    In MUN, students acquire skills in policy making, public speaking, parliamentary procedure, consensus building, and resolution writing. These principles are applied in mock UN sessions discussing and solving real UN committee topics.

  • Model UN provides students with interdisciplinary skills that can apply to various fields, especially related to political science and international relations. Competing in the national UN competition also gives students the opportunity to network with other students and professionals in this field and looks good on a resume.

  • To begin, students can enroll in the open enrollment fall semester course which provides an introduction to the workings of international organizations, with special emphasis on the United Nations. Students are then selected to enroll in the winter course and compete in the national competition based on criteria outlined in the fall semester syllabus, focusing primarily on level of commitment, congruency of professional goals, and potential for leadership.
  • Students can receive credit for fall and winter courses.

  • The courses are BYU courses, and BYU leads a team at the global UN competition in Washington DC.

  • Read about students experiences here.
  • International & Area Studies- IAS 351R Model United Nations Preparation