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Meghan Dicou: French Teaching FREN 378

Meghan participated in a practicum by teaching in a classroom.

What type of projects did you work on as part of your Experiential Learning course?

Observations of junior high and high school classrooms and practice assignments to prepare me for the teacher certification exam (the PPAT).

What day to day tasks were part of this experience?

Observing classrooms and teachers and writing about my experiences

What did you learn unexpectedly?

I learned how much influence teachers have on the classroom environment; it was a lot more than I expected.

How has this experience influenced your career goals?

It helped me be certain about my career choice and helped me figure out a few things I want to avoid or implement in my future classes

What types of new opportunities are now available because of the experience?

I made connections with a few teachers now, so networking has already started for me.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I loved the hands on experience the BYU CON does.