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Student Spotlights

Kaila Douglass: Elementary Education

Kaila participated in practicum by taking EL ED 330.

What type of projects did you work on as part of your Experiential Learning course?

I helped teach a rambunctious group of fourth graders under the direction of my mentor teacher.

What day to day tasks were part of this experience?

Every day, I coordinated with my mentor teacher to plan lessons for the week and decide how best to help the students in my class.

What did you learn unexpectedly? 

From this experience, I learned how resilient and creative fourth graders can be! They never ceased to surprise me by what they could do.

How has this experience influenced your career goals? 

After completing my practicum, I know that fourth grade is the grade that I want to teach. It's the sweet spot between the young children and the older preteens.

What types of new opportunities are now available because of the experience?

I will start my student teaching experience next Winter semester. I'm very excited to see how far I go!