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IRAMS Access Request

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Faculty, staff, and student employees must be granted IRAMS access rights before they are able to view, edit, or endorse internship applications. Follow the steps outlined here to determine what access you are looking for and to submit an access request.

Step 1 - Define Access Type

Determine what role and needs of the person you are requesting access for. Each internship course and section must be assigned a primary internship coordinator; the primary coordinator will receive automatic emails sent by IRAMS and will approve student's internship applications. A person cannot fulfill multiple roles for an internship course and section. The differences between each role is outlined below.

  • Primary Internship Coordinator: The primary internship coordinator is the main person responsible for the accuracy of the information in the student’s application as well as approving or denying a student’s application. Every internship course must have a primary internship coordinator assigned.
  • Alternate Internship Coordinator: An alternate internship coordinator will have the same rights as the primary internship coordinator but will not receive the notification emails.
  • Second Approver: The second (2nd) approver is an option if the department would like a second individual to review, edit, and approve or deny applications after the primary coordinator has approved a student’s application. Both the primary coordinator and the second approver must endorse an application before it is sent to the Office of Experiential Learning for review.
  • Alternate Second Approver: An alternate second approver will have the same rights as the second approver but will not receive the notification emails.
  • Viewer: A viewer is able to view the information in a student’s application and the Internship Application Queue but cannot make changes, edits, or approve or deny any application.

Step 2 - Complete the IRAMS Access Request Form

1. Download the IRAMS Access Request Form.

2. Select an access role option (as explained in Step 1).

    3. In the box enter all the following information:

    • Name of the person who will be receiving access.
    • BYU ID # of the person receiving access.
    • Net ID of the person receiving access.
    • Start Date for the person to receive access.
    • Position in the Department.
    • Department of the courses (IE ECON, BUS M, etc)
    • Class # of all the courses that the person should have access too (IE 199R, 399R, etc)
    • Section # of all the courses (IE 001, 002, 003, etc.)
    • End Date of the access rights (if known).

    4. For any person requesting access to IRAMS must first view the FERPA videos. Check the box to validate that the person receiving access has viewed the FERPA videos.
    5. If anyone who currently has access that should be removed or their role changed, select the correct check box (either remove access or change access) and enter their information in the box.

    6. The current Department Internship Coordinator for the courses must sign the form to verify that they are aware and granting the person specified above access and rights to IRAMS. If the person recieving access is the new coordinator and the previous coordinator is unaviable to sign the form, the new coordinator can sign the form themselves.

    Step 3 - Deliver Form

    Email the completed form to The Experiential Learning Office will coordinate with the Administrative Solutions Group to grant database access to the Internship Registration and Management System (IRAMS).

    Step 4 - Access and Training

    Once access has been granted a "Welcome New Internship Coordinator" email will be sent from the Office of Experiential Learning. Training on how to use the system is also provided by appointment.

    Please note that to access and view a student’s academic record (RECSUM) is granted through a separate AIM access request process. Go online to and submit the request for Internship Coordinator Access. Your department’s information partner must approve the request before it will go to the Registrar’s Office.