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Dr. Isaac Calvert: Invite, Recognize & Expect Inspiration in Your Discipline


Experiential Learning Cycle: Inspiration, Intention, Integration, Reflection

How can you deepen your understanding of inspiration? How can that be applied to Experiential Learning in your college/leadership role?

Holiness/Sacredness doesn’t make a space or object holy. It holds the potential to be holy. Classroom settings have the potential to be inspirational spaces for faculty and students. The method by which you teach impacts the truthfulness of the content that you teach.

Have you ever attempted to teach something with the Spirit of Truth? The grace of the Lord will attend your teaching if you invite the Spirit.

Teachers have the capacity to learn from students, just as much as the student learns from the teacher.

If we can recognize the hand of the Lord, we can continue to receive abundance. Take time to seek out the hand of the Lord. Grace is increased.

How would you invite your students to recognize the Lord in their own lives?

Gospel methodology is not magic. You can’t control the Spirit. Or tell it what to say. We invite, and thus teach alongside the Lord, and we learn along the way.

God can teach us anything. He taught His people how to build boats and defend cities. Trust in His knowledge in all aspects of your life.

Pres. Nelson: If you have faith and doubt nothing, the Lord promises blessings. Thus, you should expect blessings.

Our role is to center our teachings around the Lord. Then, we are inviting him to perform His work in our lives.