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Inspiring Learning Award

The Inspiring Learning Award is a student nominated award, given to faculty/staff members from each college in recognition of their dedication to student growth through active mentoring.

2021/2022 Inspiring Learning Award Nominees

David O. Mckay School of Education

Damon Bahr (Technology Education)
David Boren (Fundamentals Educational Leadership)
Heidi Bussey (Counseling Psychology and Special Education)
Cade Charlton (Counseling Psychology and Special Education)
Terisa Gabrielsen (Special Education)
Tyson Harmon (Communication Disorders)
Rebecca Hunter (Elementary Education)
Steven Jones (Math Education)
Royce Kimmons (Instructional Psychology and Technology)
Teresa Leavitt (Elementary Education)
Jason McDonald (Instructional Psychology and Technology)
Michael Owens (Educational Leadership)
Douglas Petersen (Communication Disorders)
Paul Ricks (Teacher Education)
Richard Sudweeks (Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation)

Law School

Earl Daniels

College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences

Matthew Allen (Chemistry)
Scott Bergeson (Physics)
Jennifer Brooks (Mathematics)
Steven Castle (Chemistry )
Kenneth Christensen (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Brent Decker (Computer Science)
Dennis Della Corte (Physics and Astronomy)
Ryan Farrel (Computer Science)
Seth Holladay (Computer Science )
Duane Merrell (Physics & Astronomy)
Xinru Page (Computer Science)
Nathan Powers (Physics and Astronomy )
Darin Ragozzine (Physics and Astronomy)
Kara Stowers (Chemistry )
Mark Transtrum (Physics and Astronomy )
Dan Ventura (Computer Science)
Brian Woodfield (Chemistry)
Adam Woolley (Chemistry and Biochemistry )
Brinley Zabriskie (Statistics )

College of Fine Arts & Communications

Nicole Brady (Music)
Marci Edgington (Dance)
Jason Freeman (Advertising)
Jerry Garns (Design)
Luke Gibson (Design)
Kevin John (Communications)
Jaime Kalama Wood (Dance)
Michelle Kesler (Music)
Devin Knighton (Communications)
Chris Lynn (Art)
Kate Monson (Dance)
Carrie Moore (Daily Universe)
Jeffery Parkin (Theatre and Media Arts)
Hailey Peterson (Advertising)
Kris Peterson (Theatre and Media Arts)
Linda Reynolds (Design)
Samuel Tsugawa (Music)
Robert Walz (Communications)

Religious Education

Michael Goodman (Religion)
Ryan Sharp (Religious Studies)
Vance Theodore (Religious Education)
Brad Wilcox (Ancient Scripture)

Family, Home, & Social Sciences

Shayne Anderson (Marriage and Family Therapy)
Mark Butler (Family Life)
Ryan Davis (Political Science)
Andre Dilworth (History)
Cacey Farnsworth (History)
Edwin Gantt (Psychology)
Ashley Larsen Gibby (School of Family Life)
Benjamin Gibbs (Sociology)
Derek Haderlie (Philosophy)
Jacob Hickman (Anthropology)
Daniel Kay (Psychology)
Brock Kirwan (Cognitive & Behavioral Sciences)
Chelom Leavitt (School of Family Life)
Jane Lilly Lopez (Sociology)
Matthew Mason (History)
Jeffery Nokes (History)
Kelly Patterson (Political Science)
Joseph Price (Economics)
Adam Rogers (Family Life)
Mark Showalter (Economics)
Jeffrey Shumway (History)
Patrick Steffen (Psychology)
Greg Thompson (Anthropology)
Dianne Tice (Psychology)
Anne Ure (Family Life)
Carol Ward (Sociology)
Niwako Yamawaki (Psychology)
Jeremy Yorgason (School of Family Life)

David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies

Cory Leonard (Model U.N)

Marriott School of Business

Greg Anderson (Informational Systems)
Darron Billeter (Marketing)
Troy Carpenter (Finance)
Corbin Church (Entrepreneurship)
Liz Dixon (Preprofessional Advisement Center)
Patti Freeman (Experience Design and Management)
Reid Grawe (Business Career Center)
Mike Hendron (Entrepreneurship)
Cody Reeves (Business Career Center)
Brian Reschke (Entrepreneurship Management)
Rhonda Sandberg (Marriot School Advisement Center)
Noelani Wayas (Experience Design and Management)
Ramon Zabriskie (Experience Design and Management)

College of Humanities

Tony Brown (Russian)
William Carr (Spanish Translation)
Ben Crosby (English)
Rachel Eaton (Spanish and Portuguese)
Ann Dee Ellis (English)
Aaron Eastley (English)
Kristy Gilbert (Digital Humanities)
Jamie Horrocks (English)
Amber Jensen (English)
Jordan Jones (Spanish and Portuguese)
Jessica McGovern (Linguistics)
Jon Ostenson (English)
Mike Pope (Comparative Arts and Letters)
Jacob Price (Spanish)
Erin Rhees (English)
Jamin Rowan (English)
Nancy Turley (Linguistics)

Life Sciences

Zach Aanderud (Plant and Wildlife Sciences/Environmental Science and Sustainability)
Ben Abbott (Plant and Wildlife Sciences)
Jason Adams (Cell Biology and Physiology)
Phil Allen (Plant and Wildlife Science)
Juan Arroyo (Cell Biology and Physiology)
Elizabeth Bailey (Biology)
Jeffery Barrow (Cell Biology & Physiology)
Mark Belk (Biology)
Lance Davidson (Exercise Sciences)
Jeff Edwards (Neuroscience)
Tonya Fischio (Dean's Office)
Susan Fullmer (Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science)
Bradley Geary (Plant and Wildlife science)
Jason Hansen (Cell Biology and Physiology)
Carl Hanson (Public Health)
Jonathon Hill (Cell Biology and Physiology)
Bryan Hopkins (Plant and Wildlife Sciences)
Matthew Madsen (Plant and Wildlife Sciences)
Bill McCleary (Microbiology and Molecular Biology)
Riley Nelson (Biology)
Rickelle Richards (Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science)
Michael Stark (Cell Biology and Physiology)
Nathan Stokes (Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science)
A.Wayne Johnson (Exercise Sciences)
Jordan Yorgason (Cell Biology and Physiology)

Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering

Steven Allen (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Terri Bateman (Mechanical Engineering)
Scott Bartholomew (Technology and Engineering Studies)
Ryan Camacho (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Shiuh-hua Wood Chiang (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Andrew Fry (Chemical Engineering)
Andrew George (Manufacturing Engineering)
Aaron Hawkins (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Johnn Judd (Civil and Construction Engineering)
D.J. Lee (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
David Lignell (Chemical Engineering)
Phil Lundrigan (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Daniel Smalley (Electrical Engineering)
Mike Wirthlin (Computer and Electrical Engineering)
Geoff Wright (School of Technology)

Student Life

Kye Barnett (Preprofessional Advisement Center)
Davey Erekson (Counseling and Psychological Services)
Kevin Peterson (Emergency Medical Services)

College of Nursing

Matthew Anderson
Renea Beckstrand
Jeff Bowen
Chantelle Elmer
Deborah Himes
Karen Lundberg
Shannon Pexton
Petr Ruda
Corinna Trujillo Tanner
Blaine Winters