International Students Internship Process

For international students, an internship is called Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Students wishing to apply for CPT must complete the following steps in addition to the normal internship process:

  1. Student has been enrolled for at least one academic year (eight months) and is in lawful status.
  2. The internship must be part of the student's major (application of curriculum being taught in the classroom).
  3. Student must obtain a letter from the prospective employer (see slide 8-9 of the PowerPoint below) that includes:
    • The firm/organization/company name and contact information. If this information is on the letterhead that is sufficient.
    • Letter date
    • Whether the internship position is part-time (less than 20 hours) or full-time (more than 20 hours). Full-time is only permitted during the student's vacation.
    • Beginning date (must be in the future) and ending date.
    • Nature or description of the internship and detailed outline of the job responsibilities.
    • Employer signature on letterhead
  4. Student should bring the prospective employer letter to their Department Internship Coordinator and obtain a completed CPT Coordinator Certification from the Department Internship Coordinator (see slides 10-11 of the PowerPoint).
  5. Complete the Internship Registration and Management System Application on the Internship Office homepage ( by clicking the link to the "Student Application" under the IRAMS heading. Once your application has been approved by your coordinator and by the Internship Office you will be able to register for your internship class through Route Y.
  6. Enroll in the appropriate internship course for credit.
  7. At least five days prior to the beginning date of the training, complete and submit to International Student Services a Curricular Practical Training Request along with the following:
    1. Letter from prospective employer
    2. CPT Coordinator Certification
  8. International Student Services will review your request; if it is approved, you must go to the International Services Office in 1351 WSC to pick up your new authorizing Form I-20 before you may begin your training.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the International Services Office.

International Services Office 
Office: 1351 WSC
Phone: (801) 422-2695

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