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Student Spotlights

Hallie Olsen: Family Life

Hallie completed a Practicum in Developmentally Appropriate Practices by taking SFL 222.

What types of projects did you work on as part of your Experiential Learning course.

I was a student, taking a class at the preschool in the JFSB. Some of the projects that I worked on were creating centers that focused on language arts, mathematics, and scientific principles. I also worked on what direct instruction center about pizza and shapes.

What day-to-day tasks were part of this experience?

I would go to the preschool every other day and we would begin with a briefing about what we had going on day and what activities we were going to use. The preschoolers would then come and we would start with centers, then have recess and snack time, and we finished with direct instruction. Then we had a debriefing about the day and some challenges we ran into.

How has this experience influenced your career goals?

As a family and consumer science education major I had not considered teaching the early child education classes, but after seeing how much joy it brought me working in the preschool I now want to teach that subject.

What types of new opportunities are now available because of the experience?

I now have more experience teaching children and I understand their development more. This will now open up teaching preschool classes in my future and I now I feel more confident in raising children.