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  • Field studies are supervised student research conducted away from the university and in direct contact with what is being studied. Field work is common in fields including anthropology, archaeology, sociology, social work, earth sciences, and environmental studies.

  • Participating in field studies provides students with the opportunity to gain necessary experience, show relevant work experience on a resume, and apply what they have learned into a real world setting.

  • Students can get started by enrolling in a field studies course related to their major

  • Yes! Students will receive credit for the classes they take.
  • Brigham Young University offers field studies courses for students in various majors.
  • Learn more about student stories here.
  • Family, Home, and Social Sciences - ANTHR 103, ANTHR 454, ANTHR 455, ANTHR 495R

    Fine Arts and Communication - ARTED 276, DES 411R, DESGD 411R, DESPH 411R

    International and Area Studies - MESA 380

    College of Life Sciences- NDFS 292R, PWS 494R

    School of Education- COMD 495R, PETE 276R, SC ED 276R

    Mathematics Education- MTHED 337

    College of Religious Education - RELC C 321, REL C 322, REL C 323