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2020-21 Summit Series

During the 2020-21 academic year BYU, in partnership with the LX Consortium, hosted the 2020 Experiential Learning Summit Series. Conversations, presentations, and panel discussions were held on the second Friday of each month, September 2020 through April 2021 for the purpose of engaging the broader community of experiential educators in a more diverse and informed conversation about current issues affecting the practice of experiential learning.

2020-21 Summit Presentations

Materials from presentations you might have missed, including full-session recordings when available, are available through the link below.

About the LX Consortium 

The LX Consortium is made up of universities and companies interested in making education more real-world, more hands-on and more relevant. Our mission is to help re-design education by making experience the common thread that connects and enhances all aspects of the student’s journey. We help our member organizations create and grow project-based experiential learning programs and integrate them into the design of their educational offerings.
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Experiential Learning Summit 2019

If you didn't have the chance to attend the 2019 Experiential Learning Summit or want a refresher on what you learned, head over to Experiential Learning Summit 2019 page to watch some of the keynote videos or read their transcriptions.