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Experiential Learning Opportunities

Experiential education at BYU engages with learners in direct experiences and focused reflection in order to: master and use subject matter, increase capacity to deal with complex and new situations, develop skills for lifelong learning, clarify values, and develop the capacity to contribute to their communities.

Provided below is a list of various opportunities that will supplement and enhance learning gained in classrooms. If you don't find what you are looking for, go to Handshake and look up "BYU" to find all the internship opportunities offered right here on campus! You can also try reaching out to your internship coordinator for help. You can find out who your Coordinator is here.

  • For your job to count as an internship and to receive university credit, set up a meeting with your Internship Coordinator. Don't know who they are? Here is the list of all the Coordinators. Your Coordinator will determine if the job you are currently at applies to your major. If it does, follow steps 4 and 5 here. If your job is determined as ‘not applicable’ to your major, you can still have your job count as an internship. Set up a meeting with Jeff Buell, the Exploratory Internship Coordinator. Jeff will then determine if your job could count as an internship.
    Don't have a job? You can find volunteer work and follow the above steps to have it count towards university credit. Here are some websites to find volunteer work:

  • Check out the Ballard Center's website to learn more about upcoming events.
    Sign up for their weekly newsletter to always be in the loop.

  • Check out the Rollins Center website to find more information about entrepreneurial activities.
    Sign up for the Rollins Center newsletter to get weekly updates.

  • On-Campus Internships (OCI) is a program that the Marriott School of Business offers to all students of all majors, including Freshman! It is a great way to build your resume and find work in your desired major. Check out the OCI website for more information.

  • The Washington Seminar is for all majors and accepts juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Selected individuals will work in the Washington D.C. area and gain invaluable experience in their given major. Look at the Washington Seminar website for more details.

  • The International Study Program (ISP) offers 4 different types of programs: Study Abroad, International Internships, Direct Enrollment, and Field School. Go to this page to find which program will fit you the best. To look at all the programs offered, go to the Find Your Program web page.
    Are you worried about having the funds to do an ISP? Go the the Fund Your Program web page and see what aid you can receive.

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Experiential Learning Opportunities in Handshake