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Student Spotlights

Emily: Public Relations

Emily Allan was a corporate communications intern at NuSkin. Learn more about how Emily's attitude of 'Never say No' helped her in this fantastic internship!

What was your internship experience?

As Corporate Communications intern I was required to help with thought leadership, award applications, and our partner companies. I wrote several blog posts, recap articles, and press releases for this position. Performed competitor research. Used plenty if my experience and learning from school and previous internships. It was very rewarding to use my SEO background to help with PR on a corporate level.

What are your future plans?

Continue my internship at Nu Skin.

What was the most useful thing you learned?

Never say no because you are scared. Even as an intern I have had the opportunity to attend galas and work on big projects with companies around Utah because I never said no to a challenge. One can always learn as the go. It’s best to take action. Never say no!

What professional skills did you develop in your internship?

Versatility. Time management. Prioritization . Professionalism. Service. Fun. At previous internships I felt like an intern. This internship taught me that there are no titles. Aspire what you want to be and work towards it. I work with great people that love to help when they can. There is so much one can do to help employees. Part of the work load is knowing your coworkers. When you know them, you succeed as a team and as a company. My courses provided the theory and confidence that I needed in the PR and business world to accept different opportunities and make it happen. I read many financial articles weekly and need to understand the basis of each article and categorize them. A good PR professional is no professional in one subject. They have a good grasp on all aspects. My BYU classes have well equipped myself for being a good PR professional someday. Integrating and incorporating what was learned from school into the work force.

Would you recommend this internship?

Nu Skin is a great company. If you want to live the corporate life Nu Skin is the great charitable and fun organization that wants you to succeed.

Emily Allan (left)