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Student Spotlights

Emily Bakly: Family History

Emily interned as a research specialist at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City Winter semester 2022.

Describe a day in your life as an intern.

I would attend our team's daily check-in. From there I would work on any of the projects we were working on that week. I worked largely on the Armenian tax record project and the with the webinar team.

What industry/job specific skills did you learn?

I wanted to get experience with something related to Russian research and family history

What are three things that you learned from this experience that could be applied to other settings?

I loved working with my team and learning from them. It was a great opportunity to network and get in connection with some very top notch researchers.
I also learned that it is ok to be flexible with my plans. My internship coordinator suggested a few ideas to help with my future career. At first I was hesitant because it wasn't how I originally saw my life going, but it really made sense.
Third I learned how much you can learn by signing up to help with everything possible. I wanted to be as active as possible and so I helped anywhere I could.

What was your favorite part of your internship?

The projects we worked on.

How did this experience affect your future goals?

I am going to not only get an accreditation in Russia but also the Mid-Atlantic

How did you get your internship?

I messaged one of the research specialists at the library with a question about a project I was working on and she suggested I come intern with them

How did this experience contribute to your growth?

I just graduated and have a job in my desired career field