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  • Directed research includes faculty lead individualized research programs supervised by faculty members. Student selects a topic and completes a research project.

  • Directed research provides students with hands-on experience, the opportunity to be published and work with professors. Participating in academic research looks good on a resume or graduate school application and provides students with relevant experience for higher education.

  • Some colleges such as the college of life sciences have mentored research opportunities published online. In general a good way to get started with mentored research is to research what sort of research professors in your desired field are conducting and talk with them about how you can be involved in their research projects. They may also know of other related projects that you could be a part of.
  • It depends. Each major offers different courses related to directed research including capstone project courses and directed research projects.

  • Many BYU professors and colleges offer mentored research experiences for students, but students must seek these experiences out themselves. The university does not assume responsibility for providing students with research opportunities.

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